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Option #1

​​​​“I’m feeling pretty good about FT. I’ve still got some questions, but I think I’d like to take advantage of the 5 FREE sessions and 100 Minute Fitness Consultation first just to be sure! Please contact me so we can get the ball rolling ... I’m ready to get some RESULTS!!”

Option #2 - Get a little more info

“I like you guys, but I’m not sure whether FT is the right “fit” for me, and I’d like to learn more about how a training program with FT would benefit me specifically before moving forward. Please mail me more info.”

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Abbie Katz

Business Owner

"Since becoming a client at FT, in May of 2009, I have seen drastic changes within myself. I've belonged to many different gyms and had other trainers, but none like the ones at Fitness Together. Through them, I see myself in a different light. I found the me that I lost so many years ago. Perhaps I never knew her and FT is introducing me to her for the first time! I'm 48 years old and have always been overweight. I've never been athletic, but they brought the athlete out in me. I'm running for the first time in my life and loving it! They coach me, encourage me and make me believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. I've dropped a bunch of weight and inches. Better than that, I feel good and energized. I am healthy!"